Meet Joe

I am a thinker, questioner, planner, goal setter, problem solver, family man, and all-around believer in people.  As a teenager in small town Ohio, I learned early that reaching higher levels of success requires becoming, building and leading from a healthy place of self-awareness.  With the guidance of some amazing mentors, I set out on a 20-year career spanning being a vocal coach, High School teacher, meeting facilitator, technical trainer, project manager, operations manager, SVP of Production Services and Chief Tribal Cultivator for a national non-profit organization.  I've traveled to 41 countries on 6 continents and 39 states so far on my quest to visit 50 countries and 50 states before age 50.  I've helped create missions, achievable strategy, social media content for brands, as well as developing nationwide outreach and local community building platforms.  Through it all, I’ve discovered that no matter the job, I find success by leaning on who I am at my natural best.  Each of the amazing opportunities I have allow me to understand and build my own human capital.  Now I get to share my skills and tools to help others do the same.

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