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Diabetes treatment is simple, staying consistent and motivated is not...


T1coach (T1c) is a program of Front Porch Advisers that delivers honest & practical guidance from diabetics, for diabetics. 

Enriching our client's long term outlook on life with diabetes is our mission! We can meet with you in person, via video chat, and/or by phone.

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The T1c Way


After contacting the T1c and if you want to proceed, a brief questionnaire will be sent to you via email to complete prior to scheduling the initial session. This allows some of the basics to get covered and require less Q&A during our chat. Keep in mind that all info is kept CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with anyone.


Although in person meetings are preferred we can also meet via Skype, Face-time, Google, etc., or by phone.  The initial meeting will provide T1c additional information about your diabetes experience, goals,  successes, speed bumps, and understand what motivates you to do better for yourself, your family,  your community, or the diabetic in your life.


Goals are not dictated by someone else, they are determined by you.

T1c will assist you in determining realistic goals and help you stay motivated, but it's up to you to accept your goals, determine how quickly you want to achieve them, and the focus of the next goal. 


To be your best as a diabetic, you must do better than others. This also means staying as consistent as you can not only for you healthy, but your sanity. T1c will check in with you on a predetermined schedule and in a method that works for your schedule.


No one should be a victim of their disease and diabetes is no different. You can live a relatively normal life if you can choose to check your BS regularly, make smart nutrition decisions, get strenuous exercise often, take your meds as prescribed, and learn from others. 


“When I first met Dan I was... Overweight... Dan showed me that you can be a normal person even with diabetes... his healthy lifestyle has driven me to lower my A1C and workout daily. If it weren't for Dan, I would have gone through a large portion of my childhood thinking I was weird for having diabetes and would never be normal. He turned that around for me.” 


—  Caroline, long time T1 & friend

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